DOMREBEL is an art studio in Montréal, Canada, founded in 2003 by two university students, Justin Svatina and Don Nguyen. The collective of artists expresses itself through strong graphic language that is heavily rooted in cartoon culture, fantasy art, and a bona fide sense of humour.


Best known for whimsical cartoon t-shirts, the DOMREBEL brand produces a full ready-to-wear line designed and crafted in the company's Montréal atelier.

With references ranging from athletic wear to vintage rock tees, the DOMREBEL style is casual but elevated. The company is known for its intricate hand details and specialty finishes. A team of artisans treat every garment by hand in the company's workshop, adding treatments such as hand-set Swarovski crystals, distressed holes, vintage wash treatments and paint-splattering.


Located within the DOMREBEL studio in Montréal is the fine arts department, where members of the art collective experiment and express their creativity through various mediums.

Riffing on the brand's lineup or original cartoon characters, the art collective experiments with paintings, sculptures, drawings and other mediums to create pieces that evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia while communicating DOMREBEL's take on the times we live in.


Located in the heart of Montréal, the DOMREBEL workshop is where ideas come to life. The workshop started in a humble garage, where the co-founders would distress, wash and paint their home-made t-shirts by hand.

Today, the workshop is home to a team of artisans who personalize and perfect DOMREBEL products. In the true artistic nature of the brand, many DIY processes are experimented and tested here. An in-house engineer, known affectionately as Mr. Le, helps turn those processes into high quality applications and treatments.

Some of the processes done in the workshop include hand-setting Swarovski crystals, distressed holes, paint splattering, denim decorations and a cut-and-sew program.


Since the early days of DOMREBEL in 2003, the artists at the brand have been doodling and experimenting with cartoons. What started as an obsession with late 80s and early 90s cartoons has today turned into a lineup of original characters.

The brand originally would pay homage to Disney and Looney Tunes through the creation of twisted fan art. Today, the company has expanded its own original lineup of misfit cartoons characters in its ever-expanding adult world.

Keep an eye on DOMREBEL cartoons as they are explored on fashion products, comics, fine arts, and in various media in communications and entertainment.


The city of Montréal, in the province of Québec, Canada, is where DOMREBEL calls home. The brand was founded in a suburban garage outside of the city in 2003. Today, the company's headquarters are in Quartier Saint-Henri, a neighbourhood in the southwest area of downtown Montréal.

Montréal's laid back joie-de-vivre, European architecture, French language culture and eclectic community keep it an interesting and fertile ground for creativity.

The company's headquarters include an art workshop, garment production atelier, art gallery, fulfillment center and principal offices, filled with lively and passionate teams.