DOMREBEL is a global art collective and studio based in Montréal, Canada. It's work is expressed via mediums ranging between painting, sculpture, cartoon & comic drawings, textile, features ongoing motifs and characters which constantly take new form as they are reinterpreted season to season by the ever-evolving collective. DOMREBEL views clothing as a medium for it's work, which has grown over the past two decades into a fully expressed collection based in the seasonal art created by the studio.


DOMREBEL is an acronym for the latin words "Dominus Rebellis" which translates to "Master of rebellion". This spirit is anti-conformity and subversion lives within everything we do and represent.


The DOMREBEL art collective works out of an atelier in Montreal, Quebec, dubbed D.R.S.M. - Domrebel studios Montreal. Located in the St-Henri neighbourhood of downtown Montreal. The studio has been hom for the collective since the early 2000's. The D.R.S.M. space is where artisans, craftman and artists work on garment treatments, textile decorations, pattern-making, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other artistic mediums.